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The Story Behind the Nazi Gold Essay Paper Example For Students

The Story Behind the Nazi Gold Essay Paper The Story Behind the Nazi Gold Nazi Gold: Hard currencylooted from treasuries of countries occupied by the Axispowers during World War II. Ingots consisting of goldmelted down from the teeth of murder victims andweddings bands and jewelry. About two thirds of anestimated $660 million ($7.8 billion in todays dollars) instolen Nazi gold passed through Switzerland during thewar. And like any sharp businessmen with hot goods, theSwiss disposed of much of their gold quickly throughPortugal mainly, but also to Sweden, Spain, and othercentral banks (Hirsh 48). Probably no more that $140million remains unaccounted for, and a good portion of thatwas probably sold onward as well. But what remains of theknown Nazi hoard (none of which has been returned to theJewish community) is worth no more than about $65 millionaccording to the Brussels-based Tripartite GoldCommission, set up after World War II to return stolengold to national treasuries. Recently the Clintonadministration created a com! mi ssion to search for anyNazi funds that might have ended up in U.S. FederalReserve vaults. We have to be willing not only to focus thespotlight on Switzerland, says Under Secretary ofCommerce Stuart Eizenstat. We have to be willing tofollow the trail of assets into our own treasury (qtd. inHirsh 47). This trail though, suggests that there is no hugestash of Nazi gold in Switzerland. The loot has scatteredworldwide through numerous transactions and is probablyirretrievable. Also, because so many banks were involved,the amount of gold left in Wieckowski 2 Switzerland isprobably negligible, contrary to what investigators haveuntil now presumed. At this point the cost or returning theNazi Gold to its rightful owners is not worth the trouble andinconvenience it would create. Documents released inrecent months have made it clear that Swiss banks tradedin looted Nazi-gold, and that Swiss businesses made afortune selling arms to the Nazis. In a historical reportpublished around May 9,1997, i t was said that there wasno evidence that the Swiss or other neutral countries knewthat gold from the central banks had been smelted togetherwith gold fillings, wedding bands, and other jewelry stolenfrom Holocaust victims (Sanger). But, Eizenstat foundincontrovertible evidence that Swiss bankers knew theywere trading in gold that Germany had looted from thetreasuries of states it occupied, and also a handwrittenledger sheet from the Reichsbank showed a deposit of29,996 grams of dental gold into a Swiss account (Aharsh). This confirms that the Nazis melted down andrecirculated gold extracted from the teeth of murderedJews and other death camp victims. It also proves theinvolvement and knowledge of dealings with gold extractedfrom tee! th of murdered victims by the Swiss in that therewere deposits made into their accounts. Germany also sentSwitzerland via diplomatic pouch packages of jewelry,looted from Jewish persecutees, to be exchanged forindustrial diamonds and foreign currency e ssential to theGerman war effort (Sanders). From this evidence we seethat the Swiss acted as the Nazis principal bankers andafter the war took a legalistic stance to hold onto theirill-gotten gains, returning only $58 million worth of gold(Chesnoff). Some argue that the Swiss should have givenup all of the gold, but why should they? It was businessafter all. Many Swiss argue that what Switzerland did wasdone for survivals sake, but their critics assert that it wasWieckowski 3 done of opportunism and amorality andshould be paid for in both moral and financial terms(Cowell). During WWII, the German threat to Switzerlandwas real, not imaginary or exaggerated. After the collapseof France in 1940, historically neutral Switzerland wasvirtually surrounded by axis-dominated territory. After theGermans occupied Vichy, France in the fall of 1942,Switzerland was entirely cut off from the outside world. .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843 , .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843 .postImageUrl , .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843 , .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843:hover , .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843:visited , .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843:active { border:0!important; } .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843:active , .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843 .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u4e98e4c28b40dac0306a7664750c0843:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: DRUG ABUSE Essay We will write a custom essay on The Story Behind the Nazi Gold Paper specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now

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Understanding The Power of Brand

Understanding The Power of Brand Free Online Research Papers The brand is often cited as one of the most important factors of successful businesses. But what exactly is a brand? Brand is defined as a name, symbol, association or other feature that distinguishes companies’ products and services. Nowadays consumers have more access to information and more choices than ever before. Therefore businesses need an eye-catching, unusual and special brand that can capture customer’s awareness; moreover they need to create a positive emotional attachment to the brand. In fact, marketing studies indicate that people attribute a â€Å"personality† and build up emotional attachments to certain brands; in this way the trademark also act as a guarantee of quality into their consciousness. To some extent this is true, but without maintain the brand up-to-date and in line with customers’ needs and preferences, even the most famous and popular company can slowly lose its importance. To illustrate with a specific example Coca-Cola brand has been invented in 1885 and in more than a century the company has changed logo, graphics, slogan and advertising million of times and is still changing to matches customers’ expectation. This is the reviewing process: it consists in regular reviews of the brand that can cause the decision of re-branding the company. This essay will first of all talk about how can companies modify their brand. Then why and when should they do that and finally which are the risks of this process. There are different ways in which companies can re-brand their self. As mentioned above, in the Coca-Cola example, businesses can decide to create a different logo, advertising, graphics and slogan; moreover their images can change simply modify company packaging, livery or uniforms, but also via new products or services. All of these modifications can help a company to be always up-to-date and maintain a number of affectionate consumers and a good reputation in a very competitive market. Research Papers on Understanding The Power of BrandMarketing of Lifeboy Soap A Unilever ProductAnalysis of Ebay Expanding into AsiaThe Project Managment Office SystemAnalysis Of A Cosmetics AdvertisementTwilight of the UAWIncorporating Risk and Uncertainty Factor in CapitalDefinition of Export QuotasOpen Architechture a white paperThree Concepts of PsychodynamicBionic Assembly System: A New Concept of Self

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Language and communication research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Language and communication - Research Paper Example Their definition of engagement describes perceptions, academic and leisure reading, as well as the number and type(s) of text that are read and how many hours are typically spent reading. The facts and results presented by this study are realistic and place a cruel indictment of failure upon American schools with the promise that addressing the problem of American students’ general lack of engagement in reading would make much progress in the overall level of reading competency. It is dry but provides an invaluable peek at the international perspective. The information is easily verified by internet search, accurately represents a balanced international perspective, and was published by a credible journal. Cassidy, J., Valadez, C., Garrett, S., & Barrera, I. (2010). Adolescent and Adult Literacy: Whats Hot, Whats Not. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 53(6), 448-456. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database. Although hardly an objective title or study, the material provides some interesting figures and a history of public opinion on issues of educational attainment. The research is brief but stark in its use of shock value. It assumes that the respondents were familiar with terms such as â€Å"striving readers†. The practical applications of this essay and its usefulness to an understanding of the generalized perspectives of instructors and parents in the last ten years are demonstrable. Even the â€Å"What’s Not† [hot] items were telling indicators of current public opinion and theories of education. There are a multitude of facts in a disjointed presentation, and some excellent points were buried in a large wall of text rather than broken up to emphasize their poignancy. The citation of facts was dull and lacking, and, as a result, gave the impression that the information should be taken with a grain of salt. Du Boulay, D. (1999). Argument in Reading: what does it involve and how can

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Political Terrorism Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Political Terrorism - Term Paper Example Some of the most threatening terrorist groups are taking advantage of IT, like the Internet, telecommunication equipment, and computers to enhance the organization and coordination of scattered operations. This essay discusses the impact of information technology on terrorism; how policymakers, intelligence specialists, and scholars view this current change in the nature of terrorism; and the needed security or defense policies to disrupt this new form of terrorism. While numerous private companies have adopted information technology to conduct their businesses more competitively and with better adaptability, terrorist organizations are exploiting the potentials of IT to facilitate new structures of organization and functional ideologies. And while private companies are building consortiums to offer a wide variety of products and/or services to consumers, terrorist organizations are ‘fragmenting’ from hierarchical bureaucracies and shifting to more linear, autonomous, and frequently restructuring networks of organizations unified by a shared objective (Muckian, 2006). The emergence of networked terrorist organizations is a component of a larger move toward ‘netwar’. Netwar is defined as a developing form of crime and conflict requiring procedures far removed from conventional war where in actors are likely to be made up of small, scattered units who carry out, organize, and communicate their operations without an exact central authority (Arquilla & Ronfeldt, 2001, 3). Netwar is different from forms of conflict wherein the players favor hierarchical, independent, official structures, ideologies, and approaches, such as earlier attempts, for instance, to create consolidated revolutionary campaigns along the lines of Marxism. †¦ criminal organizations and networks based in North America, Western Europe, China, Colombia, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, and Russia will expand the

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Business Plan For Online Shoe Shop Marketing Essay

Business Plan For Online Shoe Shop Marketing Essay Today, there are many shoe companies that sell their product through website. The customer can have much type of shoes and can choose varieties of latest shoes fashion on the web. In this task, I will find some sample website to give me some ideas on the arrangement for the new Special Shoe website. The sample website will be explained in details. The following are three websites that I have found in the Internet. A B C D E F Figure 1. ( Above figure shown all the MBT shoes shown on this website are much cheaper with a guaranteed quality, there is no minimum order, and you can enjoy a wholesale price even when you order one product. If you would like to put a large order, there is also more discount base on the wholesale price. MBT Online Shoe promises the good will 100% satisfy you. All the products here can be returned within 7 days after you receiving them. But the products cannot be returned in used condition unless defectives which are the manufacturers-responsibility are found. The MBT Online Shoes will be shipped within 3 days after receiving your payment. You can cancel your order within 24 hours after your order. MAIN LINKS These are links that connect customers to all main page of the website. Home Page This is about the web home page display in the great design to attract online customer to view this website. New Product This is one of the product that customer can imagine how new MBTshoe are design in latest version and trendy. Shopping Cart Customers are provided a shopping list when shopping through this website My Account This Website also provides a special form for customers to create accounts on MBT Sports Shoes, you will be able to shop faster, get information on the status of your order and may review the orders you have previously made. Contact Us This Website also provides a special space for customers to contact the company by writing a few words on the form provided. PRODUCTS This site is where customer can see one of the latest models of the sport shoes advertised in this website ADVERTISEMENT This plot is an advertisement for the use of shoes, it is a motto used by these company to promote their products. Walking in MBTs, Walking in conventional shoes and Revolution begins in the sole. CATEGORIES Customers can also find their favorite shoes in here, such like:- 2010 MBT new style MBT Sandle shoes Ospop shoes MBT Casual shoes for Mens MBT Sport shoes for Womens MBT Casual shoes for Womens Air max shoes for Mens Air max shoes for Womens SPECIAL OFFER This column advertised special offer for the latest model and style of the shoes. PRODUCT This is the site where customer can see a lot of the latest models of the sport shoes advertised in this website with special price. A C B D E F G Figure 2. ( Above figure showing another sample of website, Schuh is born in North Bridge Arcade, Edinburgh since1981, its first Glasgow Store opens in Gordon Street in 1993, and its caused a sensation bringing color and variety to the footwear fashion scene in the City until now theyve dolled up their Birmingham Bullring and Belfast stores and relocated their Newcastle Eldon Square branch to the swanky new center extension. Schuh is the Best Multichannel Retailer at the Drapers retail awards and Footwear Retailer of the Year and Multiple Footwear Retailer of the Year at the Drapers Footwear awards 2010. COMPANY LOGO This is the companys logo, once it clicked its go to home page. CUSTOMERS CORNER This corner is for customer use together with company contact number. MAIN LINKS These are the main links provided for customer to go directly to the main pages of this website. The web provides 7 different links: Women This link provides types and brands of the women shoes where the customers can choose it. Men In this link, the customers can search different types and brands of the men shoes. Brands This link provides all women and men brands shoes from a to z brands shoes. Junior This link is for kids shoe either boys or girls. Bags This link is provides the products such as shoes bags and shoes cares. Sale This link is special for selling men and women shoes at reduced prices. It also provides categories for customers to choose and select on what they want from type, size and color. Help This link button provide an help services that customers might have ask such as customer services, track my order, check my gift card balance, delivery info, returns policy, size guides, FAQs and care maintenances. PROMOTIONS This ad campaign is the latest shoes at a discounted rate of interest at all times. ADVITESMENT This website will never drop out to preach the new products to its customers, especially the pattern that has not been in previous advertising. GET NEWS This website also provides space for customers on the latest news items issued by the company. INFORMATION This room is where customers can reveal about this company. Customers can also ask any questions about ordering, shipping, and discerned the history of the company. A B G E C D F H Figure 3. ( Above figure showing another simple of website, this website nicely design to make attraction to all customers to buy the product on the web. Main Links These are links that connect customers to all main page of the website. Home Page This is about the web home page display in the great design to attract online customer to view this website. Women This link provides types and brands of the women shoes where the customers can choose it. Men In this link, the customers can search different types and brands of the men shoes such like: Fashion Comfort and Classic Sport and Skate Outdoor and Hiking Mens Slippers Mens Accessories School and College Kids This link displays a lot of shoes to children with various types, fishion, styles and the latest styles and great for boys and girls. Brand This link displays a lot of variety in the world famous brand shoes. Customers just choose the brand which is popular and in demand. Among others, such as Alegria, * art, Azor LA MODE, BAMBOO, Bose, Ben Sherman, Blink, and many more. Department At this link, customers can access what is requested by a fast and easy way, the department offers three such departments, Women, Men and Kids department. Sale This link displays and promotes various types of shoes with the lowest prices and the biggest discounts promised. Collections This column shows the variety of famous brand shoes it is a collection provided by the company to its customers loved ones. Customers can also see the brand of shoes they like. Departments This column created in the webpage which can links to each department such as Women, Man and Kids department and displays a lot of latest fashions and styles of verities type of shoes in side there. Promotions In this column display promotions advertisement for this month, a lot of discount for all items daily. Shop by Brand In this website customers also can find their favorites shoes in this column by clicking the brand names displayed. News blog This is Shoe Blog, It contain News from the UKs best online Shoe Shop. In this side customer also can see updated latest version of shoe styles and fashions. Members Area Customer can win  £100 in Shoes every month by signing up to the newsletter. Collections This column, the customer can see the shoes collections and their verities prizes and promotions. CONCLUSIONS I have completed my Task 1 and have found these three different views of sites that specialized in online selling shoes. It would be useful for me as a guide in designing the website for Special Shoes for the current season. Currently, the few outstanding new ideas and old merge into one unique design, simple and seasonal tastes of consumers. Various fashions and styles for elderly, youth, teens and children in particular create the desire for fulfilling their tastes with competitive prices, allowing consumers take the time to surf the web and shop online at any time, because the shop opens 24 hours a day. Through these websites, consumers will also be able to get great discounts, special gifts from the famous shoe company and enjoy fabulous deals. TASK 2 PROJECT PLAN TASK 3 POWER POINT DOCUMENTATION Infrastructure limitations Despite infrastructure limitations in the Pacific, the target markets in developed countries are likely to be Internet users. Start small If unsure, start small. An existing website helps develop capacity to interact with customers and measure web potential. Lobby Government for effective IT Strategy. Lobby Government for effective IT Strategy that develops infrastructure and builds local capacity. Aware of channel conflict Channel conflict will not go away by itself, it needs active management. There are many positive examples today such as multià ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Ëœchannel strategies. Thank You Thank you and I hope this presentation can lead the business to success. TASK 4- MARKETING PLAN In this task, I will prepare a brief marketing plan for special shoes with some sample activities that can be done to promote new e-commerce services. Marketing plan is to assist in the promotion of special shoes E-commerce Services and give them a brief idea on how to promote it to a wider market. There are many activities that can be done to promote the website. We can put a few advertisements in different media to promote the website, as an example, we can make advertisements through newspapers, television, radio, posters, banners, face book, twitter, e-mail, blogs and much more. Despite the many ways that can be used for advertising through the video, but I see the use as blatant advertising medium of the best video so far. This is because membership of the millions of YouTube highly beneficial to your video advertising. Implementation of the various ways to promote the website to reinforce the existing customers is to make a variety of activities in it. We can tell the latest news and activities via e-mail by sending a brochure, newsletter or through social networks like Face Book, Twitter, radio and TV advertisements. To attract new potential customers we have a range of activities and events of interest and gifts to be given to potential new customers solely to promote e-commerce services. We can publish advertisements in local newspapers to introduce the website address there. We can also issue a set of pamphlets on special shoe shop as enhance the website addresses to be distributed to the shops or to the public. We can also use banner advertisements on other websites, but we must get prior permission from the owner of the website. Similarly, the bulletin board signs therefore, we can place our banner advertisements on all those billboards. In addition, we can diversify the latest designs and images to be loaded into the website, Blog and the social networking site in this way we will be able to attract customers to our website. There we will show our company name and address to facilitate our customers to browse and visit our shoe shop. By participating in the social networks, it can increase the networks list so that we can intentionally promote new services in e-commerce. But do not forget to set the face book or Twitter as a business site, so people can add to or they can just simply click the button like and we can have lots of friends list. By doing this activity, we can promote new services. Perhaps what is called a search engine optimization is a way to get subscribers to your blog or website from search engines to identify some specific way. Many articles written about this and quite pleased to be applied into your web page. But in pursuit of the highest ranking position in search engines, sometimes we over-optimize your blog or website so we can show as overly optimized. Perhaps the following points will make your blog or website we are considered over Optimize Repeating several times the main keywords in the content of our web site to increase the key word density. Using keywords in bold or italic writing repeatedly in the articles are written. Placing the reference is not related to the other pages in our blog or website. Select a blog that has links do follow we put our comments, so we had the opportunity to enhance our position in the blog search engine. Besides, we have the opportunity to add subscribers at our website. This tactic may be effective in the short term to increase the highest ranking, but it will not last long. Sooner or later the search engine robot will be able to detect this and when this happens its likely to be significantly affected. Thus the best place to follow the basic meanssearch engine optimization without excess. Another type of promotional activities is offline activities. Such as publishing advertisements in certain newspapers, to display banner advertisements on billboards, and distribute brochures or flyers at the store or to the public, include the address of your store site would have many opportunities to get more potential customers. Follow the events gathering bloggers and make as many acquaintances. Merchandise Create and share your website, or to share things of interest-free. Write articles to the media and ask them to list your web address Include your web address on your business card, if you are the seminar speaker, say the name and address of your web site. If you have a chance to speak in more general says the name and address of your web site! Another no less effectiveness way is to introduce addresses into the yellow pages directory, draw a map that shows where the location of your store. In this way, subscribers would flock rushed to your store. Special shoes may use information collected from visitors to the website for further marketing activities. With this information collected, companies can use the information to create new value for subscribers. The new value for subscribers is as offering superior subscribers history online reservations, reserve under the previous purchase and display the latest information on products in which subscribers may be interested. In addition, if the shoe stores to a special e-commerce service provider succeed, they must involve all approaches as enabling potential customers to find information easily and adjust the depth and nature of the information. With this approach may encourage subscribers to buy. Special Shoe Stores must detect and check the behavior of subscribers or visitors that they can use the information to provide customized, value-added digital products and services in their websites. Special Shoe Stores need to use technology-enabled relationship management tools so they can increase their contact with subscribers to succeed. Online chiropody services to assist in promoting the new site. This is due to online services can help subscriber on how they can select the right shoe for them to buy. Especially when the shoe stores are advertised, either through online or offline promotional activities, subscriber may be interested in by the advertising that display on foot care services. It can make subscriber want to know about the shoes they should wear. This service may attract potential new subscriber, it can promote the services of Special Shoe Store e-commerce. Conclusion Based on a strategic marketing plan to promote new e-commerce is not so difficult. As long as we understand the business consequences of this in detail, at least we should know our finances. Although there are so many types of advertisement, if we do not have enough knowledge about the right marketing plan and finance is limited, so we cannot do any advertisement. With extensive knowledge of planning and marketing plan and financial strength, I believe, with the ingenuity of this plan it may help us to promote our website. So we can easily select specific advertisement with creativity and advertising information. Therefore, a brilliant plan really gives satisfaction to customers and shop owners themselves. (1,173 words)Listen Read phonetically TASK 5 LOCATING E-COMMERCE SITE Introduction As we have discussed in the previous task, one way to ensure that the new e-commerce site can be quickly and easily found by prospective customers is by making sure the search engine will be able to find it and place it as the top of the search result. In this task, I am going to explain more on this topic. Basically, a search engine is a software program that searches for sites based on the words that you designate as search terms. Search engines look through their own databases of information in order to find what it is that you are looking for. [Wendy Boswell, (2011)] The search engine positioning concept Before we take a look at the importance of the search engine positioning, let me discuss about the meaning of the search engine positioning first. The first step is done by an internet browser to find any information on the internet is to type keyword or keyword into the Google search bar. If they press enter, all the articles in the web of the index in search engines, which contain the keyword in the type of internet browsers today, will appear in the result. Keyword articles and is an important partner in the internet marketing. The importance of search engine positioning The search engine positioning for your website in the search engine result is very important because internet browsers are really hungry for information, or information contained in the various fields. Therefore, to provide information or information in the article is one of the most effective ways to attract visitors to our business web. Among the reasons why the article became a key marketing methods used by experts and specialists is the first internet marketer. Our website will be in the index in a short time in the search engines. When we send the articles on our products or services to the article directories, spider, crawler, boat from a search engine will immediately visit our article and scan each item, pictures, links, words, paragraphs and what characters are there in our article identify the title, category, class, keyword, etc.. Then the information will be brought back to the search engine databases for the index to facilitate looking through the internet browser key word search. 3 suggestions on sensible domain names Domain name is the foundation of this website access to the Internet. When the search engine locates the website, it will search for the domain name first. A good domain name for the page can help this process. Choose a domain name with the host in particular, should focus on the image and quality. Search Engine Optimization laid a strong foundation for the implementation. If people see the domain name, they would know the company since the name is representing the business. If the domain is simple and clear, it will be easier to remember. In this task I like to propose some domain names, which are good, simple and easy to remember such as: By using this name public would respond quickly about our company. The name also has a connection with the companys brand. The name of the company may be strong enough to get potential customers. I believe other company may not use the same name. These names have the potential to be brought forward. The words are very simple and easily remembered by the people who are surfing the Internet. This name also seems to reflect the diversity of products that people are very excited to find out. But most likely this name has been used by other companies from other countries makes the opportunity to gain new customers is very thin. This is also the best name we could use. The name is appropriate for companies and communities can be attracted. As the two domain names that are very simple and easy to find. The most appropriate domain name We recommend using the the most appropriate name for the page Special Online Shoes Store, because:- Since the domain name is the same as the name of the store, please can just guess the name of the website. Character is not too long, relatively simple to remember. Domain name can assist in locating site for potential customer Just like when we choose name for a shop, website name also has to be chosen carefully because its important to be clear and concise about the services that you offer to avoid confusion. The reasons are twofold. Firstly, if potential customers know what they are getting they will be more likely to buy a service from you and hopefully become one of your loyal customers. Secondly, the search method of the search engine will prioritized the domain name. Hence, with the good name, the website will be easier to be found. Conclusion With an understanding of search engine rankings and the importance of the right domain name and is also important to provide the best possible service to you and you will minimize the level of complaints. Remember to build your business that the companys warehouses are here to help you on the road to success. The non-geographic users instruction to help your company to provide National and feels professional, even when you are just starting. We can provide you with your domain names and web sites designed with both the contact page. This page contains the contact form to allow customers to send e-mail automatically with ease and speed. Make sure you answer quickly to meet the needs of your customers and develop a loyal customer base. Established well with it, letterhead and other items of identity will help your company provides a professional atmosphere and attract customers. All these elements are part of customer service. (932 words) TASK 6- EFFECTIVE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Introduction In this task, we will explain the different supply chain management system that can effectively help to ensure that customers e-commerce web site is provided with a high level of service. The product flow includes the movement of goods from a supplier to a customer, as well as any customer returns or service needs. The information flow involves transmitting orders and updating the status of delivery. Services designed to meet the needs of each supply chain relationships. From purchasing to issue directions to the door delivery of goods to customers, supply chain management services also allows for lower costs and provide a real service to customers and can be expected. Tracking deliveries Settings for your goods transport and logistics, so it sent the right way, play an important role in selling our products to customers. Customers receive a confirmation after purchasing the product. They are given directly to their code number to track the journey of their products until the product arrives to the customer. With this, customers will not feel cheated and are not afraid to deal with the company but will continue to subscribe to our company as a regular customer. Not only due to the satisfaction felt by customers, but will recommend our company to new potential customers. Stock levels Ensure and monitor stock levels are adequate but not too much because the products are feared to be out of date and we need to make new reservations when the stock began to decline after we make an inventory of the forecast calculation of that appropriate. By doing these activities the customer will feel more confident and believe in the strength of our company and become loyal customers as their demands meet. Demand fluctuation Total supply and demand affect prices, because if demand is rising while supply remains more or less, there will be a shortage of goods, if other factors are considered fixed, the scarcity of goods would lead to higher prices, or otherwise the price will be cheaper. Fluctuations in prices will be influenced by supply and demand, while demand and supply is influenced by purchasing power, substitute products, customer tastes, and so forth. Price fluctuations will have a balance point for the interaction between supply and demand. Quality of the Products Product quality must be very satisfying to follow customers tastes of what they have purchased. Products must be in good condition during the course of transmission. Products must conform to what the customer purchase, especially in color, size and style they want. When customers receive the products ordered, it must be in perfect quality and no damage at all. Make sure customers are satisfied with what is in receipt. Product Detail Detail about the product on the website must be clear and easy for customers to get a description of the products they want to buy. Product information on the website should not has mistakes in it to prevent from customers not satisfy with the product they purchase. This website should identify key information such as prices of products, materials that the shoe are made from, some sizes have also been pervasive, special colors and, if necessary, weight can also be included in the product information. Conclusion The conclusion of this task is the business owner needs to understand the five ways of supply chain management to ensure that e-commerce new site is provided with a great level of service for customer. With all these explanations the company will get an idea of à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬ ¹Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬ ¹how to manage the business more efficient and more organized. Lastly e-commerce has brought a new dimension in the shoes industry and when these concepts can help to facilitate all parties involved, including suppliers, consultants and others in which any transaction between them can be done online. I hope all this explanation has met with the aim of job 6. TASK 7- RETURN POLICY Introduction and the objective of Task 7 In this task I would like to explain about return policy that you may return any item purchased on our website. Shoes must be returned in their original boxes, but the shoe boxes cannot be marked by shipping labels. Pending inspection, a refund will be issued to you using the following policy: Return Policy Circumstances in which purchased shoes are allowed to be returned The size is not fit The product is not in a good condition such as, no shoelace hole on one of the shoe. Received the wrong item. Exchange Policy Items only can be return within 7 days from receipt of goods. Customer required to fill in the form Filled form must send to service department and they will respond within 3 days. RMA will be emailed to the customer, customer have to print it. The RMA must be placed outside the return package Goods must be received within 7 business days after the response with RMA If the price of the new pair is different, we will refund or charged the extra to the customer Goods sent for exchange are advised to be insured. All goods received must met the return condition Refund Policy The process is the same as exchange policy Refund process will take around 2 weeks time. Condition the shoe must be returned Item must be unworn and still in original condition Return in original box. Make sure dont tape and dont write on the box. Received within 7 days from invoice date Require an original sales invoice in order to process any return Responsible for paying the postal charge For refund of goods, customer must arrange and pay the return shipping charge For exchange of goods, customer must arrange and pay the return and new product shipping charge Unauthorized merchandise will be sent back at customers expense. Conclusion In this task showing the rules and regulation of return and refund policy in which the customer has to follow. This return policy shall be included in the e-commerce site to let the customer understand the terms and conditions. (378 words)

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Stewardship versus economic decision making in financial reporting

The chief aim of fiscal describing harmonizing to the IASB ‘s Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements model is that of supplying equal information in order to enable stockholders conduct economic determination devising. This brought the argument of whether such nonsubjective neglected the importance of the stewardship appraisal by the portion of stockholders. In the past decennary the IASB and the US FASB have been working on a joint undertaking to develop a conceptual model for fiscal coverage. Such conceptual model has the purpose of supplying a base for developing harmonised, future accounting criterions. In 2008, the boards issued an exposure bill of exchange of chapter one and chapter two of the conceptual model with chapter one undertaking the aims of fiscal coverage. In the exposure bill of exchange that has been recently issued by the two boards, it was identified that the aim of fiscal coverage should be that of catering for all the determinations that capital suppliers make, including both resource allotment determinations and determinations made to protect and heighten their investings. Furthermore on the implicit in exposure bill of exchange there is stated that information about the stewardship of an entity ‘s economic resources should be considered as decision-useful information. Hence in this exposure bill of exchange it is clear that the two boards shifted from concentrating entirely on economic determination devising, to general determination devising, with stewardship being included in such broader definition. Although this move to concentrate on determination utility instead than specifically on economic determination devising was a agency to subsume stewardship in the aim of fiscal coverage, writers such as Andrew Lennard still argue that stewardship and determination utility should be recognised as separate aims. â€Å" aˆÂ ¦stewardship contributes an of import dimension to fiscal coverage, which should be reflected by specific recognition in the aims of fiscal coverage. †[ 1 ] The bulk of the writers who recognise stewardship as a cardinal aim in fiscal coverage, claim that fiscal statements should be prepared on the footing of historical costs. This ensures in supplying a clear, factual history of the minutess that occurred during the twelvemonth, over which direction had control. Therefore describing on historical cost can help stockholders carry through their stewardship appraisal needs better. On the other manus, to provide for determination utility, particularly in footings of economic determination devising, fiscal coverage would concentrate more on the prediction of future hard currency flows. Such nonsubjective would be better addressed with ratings based on market values, since they better reflect the timing and certainty of future hard currency flows. This is taking to the outgrowth of rating techniques based on current values, such as just value. The acceptance of just value accounting is possibly one of the most controversial issues presently being faced by the accounting universe. Both the IASB and the FASB have been working on this issue for the last twosome old ages. Traditionally, fiscal coverage has been entirely based on historical costs. The usage of current values, such as just value describing emerged comparatively late, and was applied to merely few selected countries. One of the countries where just value had a major influence is in the measuring of fiscal instrument. Using market values to value Financial Instruments is deemed to be dependable ( since markets in these points are good developed ) and relevant ( because the values of fiscal instruments can see big fluctuations, therefore historical costs depicts a really hapless image of current values ) . However, in the nearby hereafter, just value measuring is likely to be extended to other assets, particularly in the visible radiation of the fact of the IASB â €˜s and FASB ‘s sensed penchant for just value measuring even where the market is non good developed. â€Å" The IASB believes that just value measuring under IFRS and GAAP is already consistent. Besides, the IASB and the FASB will go on to work together to guarantee that using just value in an inactive market is accounted for systematically †[ 2 ]. Stockholders are divided into two chief classs, private persons and institutional investors. Although fiscal coverage is designed to provide for the demands of capital suppliers, due to the deficiency of cognition normally found within private single stockholders, concerns may originate on what such private single stockholders identify as utile, for their determination devising.Need for the survey:The thesis ‘s aim is to place the current demands of private stockholders and what they identify as valuable information. The thesis shall so analyze to what extent the focal point on determination utility and the prediction of future hard currency flows through just value accounting shall help private stockholders in fulfilling their demands.Research Methodology:The thesis will be of a qualitative nature. The purpose of such thesis is to accomplish a deep apprehension of what local private stockholders value as relevant information, and to analyze whether the emerging construct of ju st value accounting will be supplying such users more relevant accounting information. The purpose of the survey is non to generalize findings but to obtain rich description on the implicit in subject. The method being taken into consideration to garner the qualitative information is the puting up of focal point groups with stockholders. Such group treatments provide direct grounds about similarities and differences in participant ‘s sentiments. Participants are non required to reply for every inquiry enabling them to construct on one another ‘s response. Furthermore by moving as a moderator I can guarantee that the treatment is ever kept on path. Finally, focal point groups can be considered as a more plausible solution when compared to open ended interviews with stockholders. The response rate of stockholders to a focal point group is likely to be greater when compared to a personal 1 on one interview, since the latter is perceived as more intrusive. The chief restriction of utilizing focal point groups is possibly the hazard that people influence each other ‘s response. As a consequence the response of participants can be different than the response that would hold been generated from a private 1 on one interview. Stockholders from two local, listed companies are traveling to be considered as the population sample. These companies are Bank of Valletta and HSBC. The pick fell on these companies because due to the recent alterations to IAS 39 and IFRS 7, just value measuring had a considerable impact on the banking sector. Thereby, due to such fact stockholders can be even more concerned and affected with the underlying capable. Two focal point groups are planned to be set, one with BOV stockholders and one with HSBC stockholders, with groups runing from six to twelve members. Shareholder ‘s list can be obtained from the Malta Financial Services Authority. The sampled population will except abroad stockholders, trusts and investing companies, therefore concentrating entirely on local private stockholders.Chapters Overview:Introduction: foremost the stewardship versus economic determination doing argument will be tackled, and its effects on rating on fiscal coverage will be analysed. The th esis shall so concentrate on the outgrowth of just value as a measuring tool and its prospective use. Furthermore just value will be compared and contrasted with cost based rating. The debut will besides include an scrutiny of how each rating method caters for the single private stockholders ‘ demands. Literature Reappraisal: literature reappraisal can be focused on two facets being the argument of just value measuring versus cost based measuring, and the argument of whether private stockholders use accounting information largely for economic determination devising, or to measure stewardship. Research Methodology: in this subdivision I shall depict how the consequences were achieved, explicating how the information was collected and analyzed. This subdivision shall incorporate the failings and restrictions of the research methods and methodological analysis used. In the methodological analysis I shall besides include any jobs that I anticipated and explicate any stairss taken to forestall them from happening. Findingss: this portion of thesis will incorporate the information generated from the focal point groups. Consequences will be presented, interpreted and discussed in this subdivision. Decision: this portion will supply reasoning penetrations on the research, and recommendations of other research inquiries that can be tackled to better the research on the country. The chief inquiries to be answered in this subdivision are: what has been learnt from the consequences? How can this cognition be used? What are the defects of the research?Bibliography:Accounting Standards Board. ( 2007 ) . STEWARDSHIP/ACCOUNTABILITY AS AN OBJECTIVE OF FINANCIAL REPORTING A remark on the IASB/FASB Conceptual Framework Project. United kingdom: Accounting Standards Board. Alan Bryman, E. B. ( 2007 ) . Business Research Methods 2 edition. United kingdom: Oxford University Press. Doron Nissim, S. P. ( 2007 ) . ON THE APPLICATION OF FAIR VALUE ACCOUNTING. Columbia Univesity. Lennard, A. ( 2008 ) . Stewardship and the aims of fiscal statements: a remark on IASB ‘s Preliminary Positions on an improved Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting. United kingdom: Accounting Standards Board. RONEN, J. ( 2008 ) . To Fair Value or Not to Fair Value: A Broader Perspective. Accounting Foundation, Sydney. Schmidt, S. ( 2004 ) . Fair Value Accounting. United states: Governors of Federal Reserve System. Whittington, G. ( 2008 ) . Fair Value and the IASB/FASB Conceptual Framework Project: An Alternate View. Cambridge: University of Cambridge.

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Industrializing Structures for Delivery Essay

The delivery of Health Care is undergoing a change that is formalizing through â€Å"Industrialization† which mirror those that began in other industries a century ago (Rastegar, 2004). The 20th century was an era of immense political shifts and technological developments. It was the revolution that paved the way for the development and flow of new technologies that shape our everyday life. The three elements that could pose problems with Industrializing Structures for delivery of healthcare policies are: Standardization of roles and tasks, Increasing division of labor and the degradation or deskilling of work (McLaughlin & McLaughlin, 2008). The development of standardized protocol driven systems in health care is being forced to break complex tasks performed by individuals down into simple tasks assigned to different members of a team to study, analyze and specify the best ways to do each of those tasks (McLaughlin & McLaughlin, 2008). The outcome was that work progressed from the control and originality of the skilled person to a systematic process that was perhaps more efficient and less personal. Managed care has become a major form of organization for care delivery. The merging of health care industry, the disintegration of physician roles and the increasing numbers of non-physician clinicians will likely accelerate in the delivery of care. The typical physician at the beginning of the 20th century was a general practitioner who treated a broad spectrum of medical problems, but as the century progressed, the work of physicians steadily splintered into narrower disciplines (Rastegar, 2004, pg.1). Specialists focused on particular diseases or organ illnesses which allowed continuity of care. Physicians should be concerned about the disruption of continuity of care and the potential loss of professional values. Other symptoms of industrialization in the health care include increase of division labor and deskilling of work. Usually management includes, line managers who allocate the work and staff specialists whose job is to specify and improve processes. Where the process is well defined and skill requirements can be reduced, labor substitution takes place – routine work is done by less expensive personnel with more limited training and less self-sufficiency and with the pressure of the numbers of patient seen (McLaughlin & McLaughlin, 2008). Medicine has traditionally been the domain of independent physicians who acquired their position and prestige through a long and arduous apprenticeship, much like the skilled craftsman of the turn of the century, but one unintended consequence of this fragmentation might be that the skill and training required to provide medical care in the 21st century will diminish. We may be entering an era in which the broadly trained physician with diverse skills will fade away, much like the traditional craftsman (Rastegar, 2004). References McLaughlin, C., & McLaughlin, C. (2008). Health Policy Analysis. Canada: Rastegar, D. (2004). Healthcare becomes an Industry. Retrieved from